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April PAD Challenge – Day 6

Happy National Poetry Month: April!

Today’s prompt: courtesy of Robert Lee Brewer ‘Poetic Asides’: write an ekphrastic poem, which is a poem inspired by art (typically visual art).

You could take a photo or collage, a painting or print, a sculpture or music as your inspiration. You could also check out the visual prompts Living Poetry has provided in the past.

Let’s get movin’!



One thought on “April PAD Challenge – Day 6

  1. Rothko, White Over Red

    I float between the soft rectangles,
    caressed by ivory tufts
    and Carolina clay,
    happily trapped in the tranquility
    of soft edges and calm thoughts.

    I am mesmerized
    and cannot keep from smiling
    for reasons I don’t understand.

    Time slows down
    and the worries of the world subside.

    It gives me much more than I expected
    and asks so little in return.
    Rothko is the violet
    to Pollack’s red,
    a spectrum away,
    but all a part
    of the same bright shining light.


    Posted by wolf bolz | April 6, 2016, 11:29 PM

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