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Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: personify an inanimate object The ‘thing’ could be something you handle everyday in your household or work. Something dear or dreaded. It could be something from nature, a stone, a leave. Give is life, give it a voice, a perspective, a view. If you are having trouble getting started, alternatively, you can … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Imitation poem

This week’s prompt: write an imitation poem of ‘Love After Love‘ In honor of Derek Walcott’s passing, this Friday, we will write an imitation poem of his ‘Love After Love’. You can choose if you want to imitate his style (poetic form, music) or the subject matter (learning to love yourself after a great love … Continue reading

Derek Walcott died Friday, March 17

Sad news for the literary world: Derek Walcott passed away on Friday at the age of 87. He was a successful poet and playwright. In 1992, he had received the Nobel Prize in Literature. Read an article about his life and accomplishments in the New Yorker. Likely his most anthologized poem is Love After Love. … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: macrocosm in microcosm

This week’s prompt: write about  where the big can be found in the small … or vice versa For instance, if you look a Queen Anne’s Lace flower… doesn’t it look like the milkyway with its arms of flower fanning out in an expanding circle? Think of other examples and pick one to write a … Continue reading

online LP Book Club

Our online Living Poetry Book Club pick for this month is: Blood Dazzler by Patricia Smith. Blood Dazzler was published in 2008. You can find Blood Dazzler here on Amazon. We will be reading from Mar 1 – 21. Comments will be posted during the last week of March.   This is one of two books we will be reading about … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: visual Happy Writing!

Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: the crazy wants out! Give the crazy or silly inside you a voice, this week! Let it see the light of day and go on a rampage. Air those thoughts that make no sense, not even if slightly intoxicated. Those crazy ideas you never told anyone for fear of being labeled. We … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: write about used books OR used book stores There is something special about used books. Someone before you has already loved the booked, cherished or hated it. I love it when the book contains underlines and comments in the margins – an imaginary conversation with a stranger. When I buy books on … Continue reading

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