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Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: the crazy wants out! Give the crazy or silly inside you a voice, this week! Let it see the light of day and go on a rampage. Air those thoughts that make no sense, not even if slightly intoxicated. Those crazy ideas you never told anyone for fear of being labeled. We … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: write about used books OR used book stores There is something special about used books. Someone before you has already loved the booked, cherished or hated it. I love it when the book contains underlines and comments in the margins – an imaginary conversation with a stranger. When I buy books on … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: write a poem about one of your favorite books or movies Keep the poem to one page, 12 point font! It isn’t always easy, with all the action everywhere, to distill what is really going on in a story, what is the struggle between two people or families. But it is fun … Continue reading

online LP Book Club

Our online Living Poetry Book Club pick for this month is: SWAN by Mary Oliver. SWAN was published in 2010. You can find SWAN here on Amazon. We will be reading from Feb 1 – 20. Comments will be posted between Feb 20 – 28. General instructions and a reading list can be found here. Please write your … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: Wikipedia Wikipedia features everyday: an article, news of the day, on this day… and a picture. Go to Wikipedia a few times this week, pick one topic, fact or picture that speaks to you… maybe research it a bit, then write a poem about it. Happy Writing!

Online Bookclub: Blue Rust by Joseph Millar

Blue Rust by Joseph Millar You got to love the introductory quotes by Roethke, Neruda, and Neil Young. It is a joy when a book starts out with little gems that make you pause and ponder and you haven’t read a single poem yet. I think the title of the book sets the tone: Blue … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: visual – Crab Nebula (Hubble photograph)

Monday Poetry Prompt

This week’s prompt: write a list poem To write a list poem, you could use the following as your inspiration: Titels or first lines or last lines of your favorite poet, or your least favorite poet Song titles of your favorite musician during the course of a day or week, collect advertisement slogans that catch your attention … Continue reading

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