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Monday Poetry Prompt: Tuning

This week let’s write a poem about tuning. It could be about tuning a musical instrument, tuning a car, a radio or even tuning up the human body with exercise and eating right. Here’s a quick poem I scribbled out which I’ll be submitting to my monthly workshop for review and fine tuning.   Getting … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Poverty

Let’s write a poem about poverty this week. It could be about a poverty of ideas or morals or, of course, the obvious: a lack of wealth. Below is a poem I wrote while I was in Brazil for a month during the 2014 World Cup. Salvador da Bahia Without much effort I chose not … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Eclipse

This afternoon there will be a solar eclipse and the path of totality is not far from the home of Living Poetry. How could we not write an eclipse poem today? Here’s one I wrote at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ Science Cafe last week. Call me Endymion When someone says “Beautiful day” I … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Invention

This week let’s write a poem about invention. It could be the act of invention or maybe a particular invention that has impacted our lives, either positively or negatively.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Carpe Diem

Let’s write a carpe diem poem this week! That’s Latin for seize the day, of course, so get to it! No procrastinating! YOLO!  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Town

This week, let’s write a poem about a town or a city or a village. It could be your hometown or where you live now or somewhere you’ve visited or somewhere you want to be.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Roadtrip!

This week let’s write a Road Trip poem, summer vacations, roadside tourist traps, driving all night, what’s not to like?

Monday Poetry Prompt: Measuring

This week let’s write a poem about measuring. It can be about measuring something, gauging a quantity, estimating a result. We’ll even accept poems about measurements. Post your masterpiece below.

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