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Monday Poetry Prompt: Soliloquy

This week let’s write a soliloquy poem, written in the first person, where your character describes her or his innermost thoughts to no one in particular. Post the results in the comments below. Advertisements

November Visual Poetry Prompt

What do you make of that? What does it make of you? Post results below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Middle

This week let’s write a poem about the middle. Middle of what? I don’t care. Middle Class, Middle Earth, Middle Ages, Middle Anything or just write a poem with no beginning and no ending, just a middle. Post your results below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Driving

This week let’s write a driving poem or maybe a nobody’s driving poem. A couple of weeks ago Living Poetry attended a Science Cafe at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences where we heard a lecture on self-driving cars. Tara Lynne Groth, Anna Weaver and I wrote poems during the presentation and read them to … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Television

This week let’s write a poem about television. It could something general about the vast wasteland or something specific about a certain show, episode or moment delivered into your home from a cable, a satellite over simply over the air. I’ll post my television poem to my blog later today.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Analytical

Roger Hodgson of Supertramp wrote The Logical Song so let’s write an analytical poem this week. It seems rather unpoetic, doesn’t it? Consider that on definition of analysis is  “the separation of a whole into its constituents for examination and interpretation”. Isn’t that also one definition of poetry? I’ll be posting my analytical poem to … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Ordinary

This week let’s write an ordinary poem. It could be about an ordinary day, an ordinary event, an ordinary life. Nothing spectacular, nothing fancy, just an ordinary poem.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Tuning

This week let’s write a poem about tuning. It could be about tuning a musical instrument, tuning a car, a radio or even tuning up the human body with exercise and eating right. Here’s a quick poem I scribbled out which I’ll be submitting to my monthly workshop for review and fine tuning.   Getting … Continue reading

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