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Monday Poetry Prompt: Magnetic

This week let’s write a magnetic poem. Like most natural phenomenon, magnetism attracts plenty of metaphors. Put them to good use and post the results below.   Advertisements

Monday Poetry Prompt: Terpsichorean

This week let’s write a terpsichorean poem. That’s just a fancy word for dancing, from the muse of the dance, Terpsichore. Post your result below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Forerunner

This week write a poem about one of your forerunners, someone who lead the way for you, could be an ancestor, a mentor, an inspiration. We all stand on the shoulders of giants, did you remember to take off your shoes? Post your answer below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Laundry

This week let’s write a laundry poem. Is it just a chore or is there a beauty in laundry, perhaps even an art? Post your answer below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Rejection

This week let’s write a rejection poem. As poets we get used to rejection but let’s pick at that scab and write something heartrending. Post your tragic results below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Circuitous

This week let’s write a circuitous poem. I always try to write very direct, straight-forward poems but this time let’s take the “scenic route”. Post your ramble below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Holiday

Merry Christmas! Instead of writing a Christmas poem, since there are already plenty of them, write a poem about one of the holidays that occur around this time of year that you don’t celebrate, like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Yalda Night, Yule or any of others that I’ve missed. Post your results below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Anticipate

This week let’s write a poem where someone anticipates something. Anticipation can be a good thing, like awaiting the first star in the twilight, but dread could also be considered a form of anticipation. Let us know which path your poem takes by posting it in the comments below.

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