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Monday Poetry Prompt: Growth

This week let’s write a growth poem. To be alive is to grow and to write. Post your growing children in the comments below. Advertisements

Monday Poetry Prompt: Fire

I’m traveling and last night the fire department came to visit the hotel in which I was staying. There had been some electrical troubles which knocked out the elevators so I didn’t worry too much when the fire alarms began sounding but when I heard sirens drawing closer I thought it best to evacuate. So, … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Inhale

This week let’s write a poem about inhaling. Could be about that last breath before you dive in or the first breath when you emerge or it could be all about what you’re inhaling. Let’s see where the inspiration leads in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Miss

This week let’s write a miss poem. Maybe it’ll be a near miss, maybe your muse goes missing, whatever you miss, put it in a poem and post it in the comments below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Moon

To honor the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon this week, let’s write a poem about the moon. Sure, the moon might be most popular inspiration for poetry after love but that doesn’t mean the best moon poem has been written yet. Write an ode to the moon or astronauts, write an … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Smart Aleck

Okay, wise guy, this week let’s write a smart aleck poem. I’ve met some of my promptsters so I know this won’t be difficult for you. Take all that sass and back talk and compress it down into an insolent little poem then post it in the comments below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Remember

While I know this blog has a worldwide audience, I wanted to alert the Americans that we just named the next Poet Laureate of the United States, Joy Harjo. This week, let’s take her poem Remember as the prompt. Maybe make your own list of things to remember. Or things to forget. But don’t forget … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Incognito

This week let’s write an incognito poem. What would you write if you knew no one would know you wrote it? Post the results in the comments below, if you dare.

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