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Monday Poetry Prompt: Family Meals

This prompt courtesy JeanMarie Olivieri. Happy almost Thanksgiving to poets in the States. This week let’s write a poem about family favorite meals. They could be holiday meals or anytime meals. The holiday season of eating starts now. If you can’t be with your loved ones, maybe you can cook up an old family recipe … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Night

Here’s an easy one. This week let’s write a night poem. So many interesting things happen at night: nightclubs, nightgowns, nightmares. Post your nocturne in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Respect

Sorry for the late prompt. This week let’s write a respect poem. Remember, respect is both a noun and a verb. I look forward to finding out what it means to you in the comments below.

November Visual Poetry Prompt

Happy November? Post your poem in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Outrage

I was relieved not to find any mobs with torches and pitchforks outside the Living Poetry skyscraper last week expressing their outrage at my forgetting to post a prompt. There are certainly bigger things to be outraged about these days, global warming, corporate corruption, and the Oxford comma just to name a few, so this … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Louise Glück

This week let’s celebrate Louise Glück winning the Nobel Prize in Literature by using one of her poems as a prompt. I must admit that while I recognized her name, I didn’t know much of her work before last week so if you’ve got a favorite poem of hers, use that, otherwise may I suggest: … Continue reading

October Visual Poetry Prompt

As ye sow so shall ye reap.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Virtue

This week let’s write a virtuous poem. Did you know there are seven heavenly virtues to match the seven deadly sins? I find the sins more interesting but you should still post a righteous poem in the comments below.

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