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April PAD Challenge – Day 4

Happy National Poetry Month: April!

Today’s prompt: courtesy of Robert Lee Brewer ‘Poetic Asides’: write a distance poem

Let’s get on with it!


One thought on “April PAD Challenge – Day 4

  1. Distance

    What is my point of no return
    if I don’t know where I’m going?
    How far is this race to be run
    while life’s scenery races by,
    blurred and distant?
    When can I rest
    and lay on my back
    staring at the clouds,
    feeling the breeze on my face
    and the cool grass on my back?
    Why am I in a race that can’t be won
    and everyone finishes last?

    Time to stop.
    Time to rest.
    Time to give up on winning
    and enjoy the scenery of life.


    Posted by wolf bolz | April 4, 2016, 9:02 PM

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