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April PAD Challenge – Day 3

Happy National Poetry Month: April!

Today’s prompt: courtesy of Robert Lee Brewer ‘Poetic Asides’: ‘Three (blank)’
replace the (blank) with a word or phrase, make that the title of your poem and then write the poem.
For examples see link to Brewer’s blog entry.

Let’s get started!



2 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge – Day 3

  1. Three Cats are one short.
    Three wheels are a tricycle, not a car.
    Three quarters don’t make a dollar.
    A menage a trois leaves one unattended to.
    Three is one short of a bridge game,
    a tennis double, a double date.
    Three friends are missing one confidant.
    The holy trinity is missing a woman.

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    Posted by poemworkbench | April 3, 2016, 6:53 PM
  2. Three Laughing Ghosts and a Smile

    The first ghost laughed at greedy souls,
    spending time to earn riches
    they could never spend.

    The second ghost laughed at the seekers of power,
    ruling faceless bitter masses
    while growing gray and grim,
    as joy is drained
    and seeps into the unforgiving earth.

    The third ghost laughed at the ambitious,
    using all their years
    to be remembered
    by people they would never know.

    All three ghosts smiled knowingly
    at those who live in wonder,
    soaking in the life that still surrounds them,
    storing in their hearts
    the gifts each minute offered,
    ready for their journey past the veil.


    Posted by wolf bolz | April 3, 2016, 5:22 PM

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