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Monday Poetry Prompt: Boxing

This week, let’s write a boxing poem. The poem could be about boxing things up after some event or boxing an opponent in the ring or it could be in celebration of Boxing Day. Whatever the result, post your outside-the-box poem in the comments below.


About Bartholomew Barker

Bartholomew Barker is one of the organizers of Living Poetry, a collection of poets and poetry lovers in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Born and raised in Ohio, studied in Chicago, he worked in Connecticut for nearly twenty years before moving to Hillsborough where he makes money as a computer programmer to fund his poetry habit.


18 thoughts on “Monday Poetry Prompt: Boxing

  1. I’m trying to see the benefits
    Of boxing parts of myself in
    It seems untrue and impure
    A misrepresentation and lie
    How can I say I love you
    If I don’t feel exactly what I say or seem

    My box should always be open
    That supposed truth screams at me
    Why are you not yourself
    Full of hate and fear
    Meanness and vile basics
    All the time for all to see
    And if you can’t change your feelings
    You should at least be honest in failing

    But I am training to no longer be
    Fighting the reality that people are more than simple dichotomies –
    we are unbound hypocrites of desire and whim
    Fairness to us is one-sided to them
    And compartmentalizing is no sin
    Perhaps rather than bringing out
    And later boxing back in
    Personas for others to falsely perceive
    It is in fact choosing – an act of not giving in

    Saying no to rash words
    No to addiction again
    No to immediate desire
    Pretend and smile, patience opened
    Kindness deshelved and dusted off
    If actions speak louder than words
    Than how much more they must shout
    Over unrestrained base emotion

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    Posted by John | December 28, 2022, 11:55 PM
  2. Box senryu

    Boxes are open
    All are wearing thier new socks
    recycle Christmas tree

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by JeanMarie | December 27, 2022, 12:46 AM
  3. Boxing Day – had not even crossed their minds,
    As they gathered ’round Aisling’s kitchen’s hearth,
    the oh-so-many chores of the past month done and gone,
    for it was now theirs to plan their day,
    when they, no one else, could celebrate,
    the 24-hour reverie, long since known as
    Nollaig na mBan – Women’s Christmas.

    Liked by 3 people

    Posted by Donncha | December 26, 2022, 8:04 AM
  4. I am going to be cheeky to post the one I wrote and posted today in response to this prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Cassa Bassa | December 26, 2022, 7:16 AM

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