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April Poem A Day (PAD) Challenge

Happy Exciting National Poetry Month: April!

Today’s prompt – courtesy of Robert Lee Brewer ‘Poetic Asides’: write a foolish poem.

Let’s wet the lead and scribble!


One thought on “April Poem A Day (PAD) Challenge

  1. The Fools’ Summit

    The young fool and the old fool sat together
    having tea,
    while solving the world’s problems
    in the Café by the Sea.

    The young fool said the answer was
    to it with your heart,
    to end the wars,
    and feed the poor,
    and cool the dying earth,
    with words, and signs, and protest songs,
    with the power of sheer will
    and this alone would be the way
    to answer all our ills.

    The old fool laughed and shook his head
    and said the boy was wrong.
    He argued that the answer was
    to let it all go on,
    till time itself would save us all
    and answer all Man’s wrongs.

    They yelled and bickered all the day
    ‘till darkness hid the sea
    and finally they headed home,
    the only choice where they agreed.
    They were content in their own minds
    that answers were procured.
    The old fool and the young fool smiled.
    Mankind had been secured.

    But in the world past the café,
    the wars kept raging on,
    the poor still died of hunger,
    and ice is almost gone,
    while we all drown an inch a day,
    as foolish prophets meet for tea
    and talk our lives away.


    Posted by wolf bolz | April 1, 2016, 5:05 PM

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