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Monday Poetry Prompt

For this week’s prompt: write about this fashionista Miss ‘Rosy Maple Moth’

This picture was taken at our own Shelley Lake in Raleigh. I had no idea that moths could be that flashy, risking being spotted and eaten for one glorious moment of sparkle and glamour.

The courage!

Happy Writing!

Rosy Maple Moth 21Apr2014 copy




One thought on “Monday Poetry Prompt

  1. Rosy Maple Moth

    Flash pink lavender
    your unconcern
    fluffs golden glee
    a nonchalant life
    ignores eternity

    Soft through twilight
    in forest green
    your reginal splendor
    boldly quiet
    as love consummates, tender

    In fulsome youth
    you fed, consumed
    for this brief inflorescence
    from death exhumed
    to bind in love then death resume

    ~ P.A. Moffatt

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    Posted by Pamela Calypso Moffatt | May 18, 2015, 12:10 PM

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