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Poetry Prompts

Monday Poetry Prompt

elevenToday we’ll try out a new kind of prompt—11-letter words.  Here’s how the prompt works:

  1. Use the 11-letter word prompt as the title of your poem
  2. Take about 5-10 minutes to write down all the words you can make with it
  3. Try to use as many of those words in your poem

For our first try, I’ll give you the word prompt and 60 other words I made with it. I’m sure you’ll find more.

Prompt: unreachable

Words from the prompt: ale, are, bar, car, can, ear, run, bun, ban, urn, nab, rub, rune, hear, race, able, ache, arch, bear, beer, blah, bare, bale, bane, burn, lean, lane, leer, cane, care, earn, hare, char, bean, Cuba, lure, rule, real, reel, herb, here, near, narc, beach, churn, cable, reach, learn, lurch, cheer, canal, leech, ranch, breach, unable, bleach, cherub, brunch, blanch, unreal

Happy writing!



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