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Monday Poetry Prompt: Names

This week let’s write a name poem. JeanMarie forwarded me this video by Auntie Laurel. While it’s designed to teach elementary school kids poetry, she offers an interesting prompt around the 2:45 mark to write a poem with your name as a metaphor. My only extension of the prompt is that it doesn’t have to … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Sleep

This week let’s write a sleep poem. It could be a lullaby or a lament for lost sleep. Just write something and don’t forget to post it in the comments below before nodding off.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Lament

This week let’s write a lament. With the current pandemic, I think we’re all grieving something, whether it’s a loved one or just the loss of what we considered normal life. Of course, laments have been written for millennia, we don’t need a virus to feel loss. Post your lamentation in the comments below.

May Visual Prompt

Hope everyone had a good National Poetry Month and completed the April Poem-A-Day Challenge. Apologies for not reposting the Poetic Asides prompt as promised. This month’s visual prompt (courtesy JeanMarie) is above so post your poems in the comments below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Moment

Yesterday’s Poetic Asides’ April Poem-a-Day Challenge Prompt by Robert Lee Brewer: For today’s prompt, write a moment poem. The moment could be this very moment in time. Or pick a moment from your past and dive into it. It could be a huge moment or event in your life (or the life of another). Or … Continue reading

April Visual Poetry Prompt

Yeah, I know it’s still March but April is National Poetry Month and the Poem-A-Day Challenge so I’ll just be recapitulating Robert Lee Brewer‘s Sunday prompts the next four Mondays. In the meantime, post your chimeric poem in the comments below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Deep

This week let’s write a deep poem. Lots of things can be deep, oceans, snow, thoughts. Post your deepities in the comments below. (Note: we’re less than ten days from National Poetry Month and, because of the pandemic, Robert Lee Brewer has already started publishing daily prompts on his Poetic Asides blog in anticipation of … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Multi-color

This week let’s write a multi-colored poem. Not just using different colored ink, really focus on the colors in your images and their meanings. Post your variegated verse in the comments below.

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