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Monday Poetry Prompt: Molt

  This week let’s write a molting poem. Have you ever wanted to shed your skin like a snake or slough off your exoskeleton like an insect? Would it hurt or be cathartic or both? Post your leavings in the comments below.  

July Visual Poetry Prompt

  A few hours late but here’s your visual prompt for July.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Elated

Against the prevailing winds, this week let’s write an elated poem. It’s still important to be able to write even when you’re not feeling it so let’s try to focus on something good, really good, a memory or a hope for the future. Post your joy in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Anger

This week let’s write an angry poem. Anger is a reasonable reaction to the injustices of the world so let’s put some in verse and post them in the comments below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Belief

This week let’s write a belief poem. You could describe something you believe in fully or how it felt when you learned the truth about Santa Claus. Post your creed or screed in the comments below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Kinfolk

This week let’s write a kinfolk poem. Last Thursday saw the birth of my latest cousin-grandniece, my father’s brother’s son’s son’s daughter. We’re all related by blood to other people. We might not know them, we might not like them but they’re there. So post your “thicker than water” poems in the comments below.  

June Visual Poetry Prompt

How’s the weather up there? Post your poetic answer in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Names

This week let’s write a name poem. JeanMarie forwarded me this video by Auntie Laurel. While it’s designed to teach elementary school kids poetry, she offers an interesting prompt around the 2:45 mark to write a poem with your name as a metaphor. My only extension of the prompt is that it doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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