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Monday Poetry Prompt: Gratitude

In preparation for a poetry talk I’ll be giving this week, I ran across this little poem by Dorothea Grossman: For Allen Ginsberg Among other things, thanks for explaining how the generous death of old trees forms the red powdered floor of the forest. So, this week let’s write a poem thanking another poet for … Continue reading

Take the Monday Poetry Prompt by the hand…

This week imagine your favorite poet takes you by the hand and… Saturday my fellow Living Poetry organizer Chris Abbate and I lead a poetry workshop at the Holly Springs Book Festival. One of the prompts I shared was more a procedure so anyone can get a fairly random poetry prompt. Take a book, close … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt: Tiny

This week let’s write a tiny poem. Is there a minimum number of words needed for a poem? I think so but what do I know? I think it’ll be more interesting to write a regular-sized poem about something tiny. Post your baby in the comments below.

November Visual Poetry Prompt

Made by the Master Gardeners in Crossville, Tennesse. H/t: Smith County Master Gardeners and JeanMarie Olivieri. Post your gleanings in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Halloween

This Friday is All Saints’ Day so let’s write a Halloween poem. It could be a memory of treats your received or tricks you played. It could feature pumpkins, skeletons, black cats or even a witches’ sabbath, to combine last week’s prompt with this. Post your harvest in the comments below.  

Monday Poetry Prompt: Sabbath

Even though it’s Monday, this week let’s write a Sabbath poem. It could be a Saturday or Sunday poem, depending upon your religious upbringing, but try to focus on the “day of rest” aspect. After sleeping in, post in the comments below.

So much depends upon the Monday Poetry Prompt

This week let’s do something a little different. I trust you all know the great William Carlos Williams‘ poem The Red Wheelbarrow: so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens Let’s imitate this poem by stealing the first four words then letting our poetic imagination run wild. … Continue reading

October Visual Poetry Prompt

It’s never too early to roast this prompt on an open fire. Post the nuts of your labor in the comments below.

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