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Favorite Poems of the 20th Century

At the end of 2019, Living Poetry conducted a poll of its members to determine which 20th century poems were our favorites. First we held nominations and 37 poems by 32 different poets qualified for the ballot then we voted. Each Living Poet was allowed to rank up to five poems. Their first place poem … Continue reading


Monday Poetry Prompts in April

National Poetry Month is around the corner! As is tradition, Living Poetry will schedule more poetry events during the month of April, National Poetry Month. One of the events we always look forward to is the Poem A Day challenge. We follow Robert Lee Brewer’s blog for daily prompts. Every day, we will post a … Continue reading

Monday Poetry Prompt

For today’s prompt we will challenge ourselves to write the *hard* poem—the poem you’re afraid to write. Start the poem by finishing this sentence: Yesterday I was ____________, but today I am ____________ Happy writing!

Monday Poetry Prompt

For today’s prompt, we’ll click the Random Article link on Wikipedia and write about the topic that comes out. If you don’t like the first topic, keep clicking until you find a random article you like. Happy writing!

Monday Poetry Prompt

Apologies for the delay in sending out the prompt. We’ll take the prompt from the one I was given in today’s workshop at VONA: Write a poem using the second person point of view (you & you all) and describe walking around an imaginary town. Use only verbs and nouns!

Monday Poetry Prompt

For today’s prompt, write a poem that uses the line It went down like this. The line could be your first line, last line, or anywhere in your poem. Your poem could describe a situation as it really happened, how the speaker wishes it would happen, or be the story that didn’t happen the way … Continue reading

Living Poetry is blogging!

Hello! We (organizers of Living Poetry) have finally decided to join the blogging community and to add our views on poems, poets and poetics to the circle of literary bloggers. It is exciting to share our thoughts with poets and poetry lovers beyond the Triangle, NC. In October, our blog posts will center on introducing LP activities … Continue reading

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