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Monday Poetry Prompt: Louise Glück

This week let’s celebrate Louise Glück winning the Nobel Prize in Literature by using one of her poems as a prompt. I must admit that while I recognized her name, I didn’t know much of her work before last week so if you’ve got a favorite poem of hers, use that, otherwise may I suggest: … Continue reading

October Visual Poetry Prompt

As ye sow so shall ye reap.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Virtue

This week let’s write a virtuous poem. Did you know there are seven heavenly virtues to match the seven deadly sins? I find the sins more interesting but you should still post a righteous poem in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Foolhardy

This week let’s write a foolhardy poem. We’ve got nothing left to lose, let’s go with most harebrained scheme we can think of and see what happens. Things can’t get any worse, can they? Post your answer in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Idioms

This week let’s write a poem based on an idiom. Take an idiom like “beating a dead horse”, “easy as pie” or “wild goose chase” then expand upon it poetically, maybe even improve upon it. Preach to the choir in the comments below.

September Visual Poetry Prompt

Post your labors in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Extraneous

This week let’s write an extraneous poem. I am of the opinion that a poem should have the precise number of words required, no more, no less, but we can still write about the extraneous things cluttering our lives. Post your hat on a cat in the comments below.

Monday Poetry Prompt: Unacceptable

This week let’s write an unacceptable poem. The poem itself needs to be acceptable, assuming we want to get published, but the subject does not. Post your unacceptable response in the comments below.  

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