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January Visual Poetry Prompt

Post you new year’s poem in the comments below.  

December Visual Poetry Prompt

Just one month to go. Post your poem below.

November Visual Poetry Prompt

Made by the Master Gardeners in Crossville, Tennesse. H/t: Smith County Master Gardeners and JeanMarie Olivieri. Post your gleanings in the comments below.

October Visual Poetry Prompt

It’s never too early to roast this prompt on an open fire. Post the nuts of your labor in the comments below.

September Visual Poetry Prompt

A week ago, I hosted another Living Poetry Germination Workshop. One of the ekphrastic prompts was from a surrealist art book. We wrote based on the painting above, “The Enigma of a Day” by Giorgio de Chirico. Post your Labor Day labors in the comments below.  

August Visual Poetry Prompt

Feel like getting away? Post a poem in the comments below before you leave.  

July Visual Poetry Prompt

Post your pickings in the comments below.  

June Visual Poetry Prompt

Another visual poetry prompt courtesy JeanMarie Olivieri. You know what to do.  

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