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book11Living Poetry is a group of poets and poetry lovers in the North Carolina Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill). Whilst we undertake many events in person in the Triangle, we are also aware that some people cannot leave their homes for our events or are from different places, but would appreciate being part of a poetry community with a lively exchange of thoughts, impressions, and ideas on poetry.

We already organize a self-governed online / virtual poetry workshop (see our Meetup calendar to sign up). And now we are starting an online book club using our blog.

Every month, we will announce the book to be read (in English) over the next 3 weeks. And during the 4th week we will exchange our thoughts on the book. Please consider the following elements  when commenting on a book:

* overall impression of the book as an entity
* the craft employed by the poet (word choice, structure, musicality, imagery, vividness, accessibility, etc.)
* the content: how did it affect you, discussing individual poems or the book as a whole
* what questions do you have for the other readers – or, if you could ask the poet, for the poet?

There is no obligation to post a long essay. Short bullets reflecting your thoughts will be just as fine as longer recounts of your impression.
Also, we have no expectation that we every opinion or thought will be commented on. While we will make every attempt to read all postings, we cannot promise we can achieve that every time.

There are many ways to express one’s dislike for a book. We trust you will remain courteous and respectful when laying out your reasons for disliking a particular piece of work. Write it like you would want to read a challenging critique about your own work: fair, detached of emotions, providing specifics about craft, style, topic.


Apr 2017: Beyond Katrina by Natasha Trethewey
Mar 2017: Blood Dazzler by Patricia Smith
Feb 2017: Swan by Mary Oliver
Jan 2017: Blue Rust by Joseph Millar

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